I’m a massage and well-being practitioner and instructor, working with individuals and groups.

My personal massage is a spirited, free combination of moves integrating western and eastern techniques, adapted for your constitution and responding to you in real time. I also offer a choice of specialties: Classical Chinese well-being massages, Gerda Boyesen’s biodynamic massages, and massages for specific areas or needs (head & face, abdominal massage, pregnancy, old age..).

I enjoy working with artists, musicians, and activists, exploring creative ways to nurture ourselves and our communities. I create open DIY resources for massage and well-being. Through often hybrid workshops I like to shares skills and encourage everyone’s capacity to give and receive goodness.


I graduated in Psychology at René Descartes university in Paris.

After some years dedicated to the arts and literature, I trained in well-being massages of eastern and western influences and Gerda Boyesen’s biodynamic massages with Renato Pappalardo and Lola Dousse Ortolan, at Biopulse massage school, in (then) Avignon (I was certified in 2008).

Between 2013 and 2018, I studied Classical Chinese Metaphysics and Medicine with Larry Ibarra Fredes at the IEETC in Porto. These studies have since then become a main topic of interest, influencing my life and practice. With Larry Ibarra I trained in Tui-Na massage for well-being, assisting him weekly for two years at the acupuncture clinic. During those years I also studied Ba Zi astrology basics, Chinese dietary therapy, and the  divinatory art of the I-Ching Book of Changes. I practice Chen Family style Taiji Quan.

In 2017, I received background in the care of victims of physical and psychological abuse, torture, political persecution, at the Centre Primo Levi, in Paris.

In 2019, already very fond of abdominal massage, I further develop my palpating and listening skills of the belly’s energies and organs thanks to Chi Nei Tsang training with Saumya Comer.

In 2020, I join the advanced secondary cycle of Qigong Tuina with Amaël Ferrando, delighted to find the path back to a quality teaching in Classical Chinese Medicine. The course will run for 3 years between now and 2023, it will allow me to refine my body readings and well-being assessments according to CCM, to sharpen my most subtle feelings and acquire new techniques, so I can improve your personalised care according to these ancient arts.

I am the author of the blog Le massage en images (2010-2016).

Current activities

I currently work in Paris. I work in private practices, at your home, and on site for groups and companies (house calls currently unavailable). I taught massage for two years at Biopulse massage training center, up to recently when the school sadly didn’t survive the economic and sanitary crisis.


I am Angelica Salvi’s partner in VIVO, a four hands piece for Harp and massage we composed and play together. I am a caregiver, contributor and facilitator in the collective Hacking with Care, which I co-founded with activists friends.

My massage features in the Mesh and the Circle, a film by Mariana Calo and Francisco Queimadela (stills below).