Massages alleviate the aches and strains associated with repetitive movements, static postures, prolonged hours of work… They calm and clear the mind, help decision making and creativity. Their benefits extend to the group, where relationships are harmonized. Kindness, respect and empathy are powered. Massages also help prevent, sometimes detect, burnout and other psychosocial risks. And, they are a way to bring custom care to persons who would maybe not have sought it for themselves outside of the office (lower income staff, persons with disabilities, masculine gender, over-active types..). 

Massages @workplace

Emy sets up a care corner in your offices, where massages can be received on a professional table, or, on a futon on the floor, or sitting on a chair – according to the surroundings and/or your employees preferences. In any case, the receiver always has a choice to keep their clothes on, to receive oils on the skin or not.

Emy’s typical massages combine traditional eastern and western techniques and modern body-mind therapies adapted for well-being.

In the workplace, sessions are generally shorter than in a private practice, between 40 and 20 min. They can focus on a sensitive area (neck and shoulders, hands..) or work on the whole body (effects, mind you, are always global). These preferences are discussed in the moment with each person. Alternatively, the time of the session can be used for a guided breathing exercise or meditation to calm down the mind and power the body.

Please read and observe the Precautions and deontology !

Massages @Events

Emy can also set up a massage corner during bigger events such as congresses (above at the CIJ-Logan Symposium in Berlin, 2016). Contact her for details.

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