Live well Live long: Classical Chinese Medicine massages for well-being

In Classical Chinese Medicine, a living being is approached in their totality – the physical, subtle and spiritual all interconnected – in a continuous dynamic relationship with their environment on all scales of time, nature and the cosmos. Vital substances flow within and without the body through a complex system of channels, vessels, organs, viscera, constantly undergoing cycles of transformation. Where there is disruption of these processes, there can be illness, or death. Qi Gong, Acupuncture, Dietary therapy, Herbal therapy and Massages all are techniques developed over thousands of years to prevent or recover from disruptions of the ever spiraling “wheel of life”. Medical application aside, they are commonly used for the preservation of good health and everyday nourishment of life. It is in this perspective that Emy proposes her massages (she does not offer diagnoses or treatments of pathologies).

TUI-NA massages for well-being

In Tui-Na, Tui means pushing, and Na means grasping…

Consonant with Classical Chinese Medicine holistic view, Tui-Na has a precise and rich range of massage techniques designed to facilitate harmony with oneself and the world, to adapt to – or to recover from – climatic disturbances, external (for example due to weather, or an accident) or internal (for example due to emotions). In well-being massages, the intention is simply to help move what has been stagnant and to help rest what has been agitated, to mix Yin and Yang, Water and Fire… To be reborn everyday !

The massage itself can be a local or whole body massage with little or no oil, on the skin or over the clothes, lying down or sitting, using powerful Chinese techniques such as pressing, rolling, kneading…, and sometimes accessories such as suction cups. But contrary to some stereotypes, Tui-Na massage can also be very gentle and nourishing, adapted to the diversity of people. Emy sees, hears, feels, and applies Tui-Na in accordance with your constitution, your needs, the aspects of the season, working along the meridians and on the acupressure points to support the harmonious circulation of fluids, blood and Qi (vital breath) in the body.

Emy’s Personal Massages are all more or less informed by Classical Chinese Medicine and Tui-Na, which now inspire all her practice. But it is possible to ask to receive only in this technical range for a more intense experience.

Abdominal Massage

Massage of the abdominal cavity from the surface to the depths, tuning into the rhythms of the internal organs. Her senses refined by practice and trainings in Biodynamic Massages, Tui-Na, and Chi Nei Tsang, Emy palpates, listens, follows and gently untangles the tensions encountered in your belly. This massage is a progressive dive to the center of oneself, from which one emerges durably liberated, rested, confident. It is very indicated in case of fatigue, lassitude, benign digestive disorders or poor sleep. It also promotes movement throughout the body and better overall posture.

Head and Face Massage of Chinese & Japanese descent

Head and face massage with organic rose oils, fluttering butterfly-like strokes and rejuvenating digital pressures on selected acupuncture points. The effect is global, deep waves of relaxation wash your stress and descend your excess energy away from your head down to your toes. Prepare to look and feel younger, too : this massage as anti-aging benefits, especially when received regularly. Importantly, its calming effect on the spirit makes it a great ally for your health, and notably your sleep.