TUI-NA massages for well-being

In Tui-Na, Tui means to push, and Na means to grasp, two important techniques of this ancient massage from China.

A marvel of dexterity and diversity, Tui-Na massage has a precise and rich range of techniques designed to preserve the dynamic balance of life in the body in the face of the disturbances that affect it. The “climatic” disturbances that destabilize health can be external (for example, the weather, or an accident) or internal (for example, emotions).

Traditionally, Tui-Na massage is part of the arts of Classical Chinese Medicine, whose theories it shares (theory of Qi, Yin and Yang, meridians…). It is used for therapeutic purposes in the same way as acupuncture, phytotherapy, Qi Gong gymnastics, dietetics. These 5 therapeutic arts are also used for the preservation of health in everyday life, especially in the family setting.

It is in this perspective that I practice Tui-Na, for well-being. I do not make diagnosis and my massages are not intended to cure health disorders but to improve the quality of life over the course of a year and a lifetime.

In accordance with your constitution, your wishes, the aspects of the season, I work on the skin, muscles, along the meridians and on acupressure points to relieve tension, promote circulation in the body, harmonize differences in states, soothe the heart and mind.

This massage can be local and of short duration, or of the whole body. It uses little or no oil, is received on the skin and/or clothing, sitting on a stool or lying down on the massage table – depending on the wishes and situations.

It can be powerful and invigorating, but contrary to clichés, pain is neither the norm nor an indication of good performance, and the massage can even be gentle and relaxing. It can be adapted to a variety of people and situations.

Abdominal Massage

It is a massage of the abdomen from the surface to the depths, listening to the singular rhythms of the belly. Senses refined by years of practice, her training in Biodynamic Massage, Tui-Na, and Chi Nei Tsang, I contact, listen, follow and gently unravel the tensions encountered in your belly. It is a progressive dive into the center of oneself, from which one comes out durably liberated, rested, confident. This massage is indicated in case of tiredness, lassitude, benign digestive discomforts or bad sleep. It also promotes movement throughout the body and a better general posture. It reinforces vitality and self-confidence.

Regular abdominal massages cannot cure endometriosis, but they can improve comfort for women who suffer from it, by supporting tissue motility and reconciling with this area of the body.

Head and Face Massage of Chinese & Japanese descent

Of Japanese and Classical Chinese inspiration, it is a detailed and amorous massage of the face and skull, using organic Rose oil, with effleurages like butterfly wings, smooth glides and pressure on selected points on the meridians of Qi. Its effect is global, with relaxation waves traveling from head to toe. Prepare to find yourself rejuvenated in the mirror, masks and fallen worries. Received regularly, this massage would have anti-aging virtues. Its calming effect on the mind also makes it a precious ally of peace of heart and good sleep.