Precautions and Contra-indications

Please be aware there are some contra-indications and precautions to observe in massages.

Indeed, massages affect the circulation of fluids in the body, the communications within the nervous system, the breathing, the heart rate, and other life functions, most of the time for the better. However, for the same reasons, they should be avoided (totally or partially) or exercised with greater caution in cases of:

  • High/low blood pressure and other heart conditions,
  • Life threatening circulatory problems, such as thrombosis, cerebro vascular accident.. (totally contra-indicated)
  • Hemophilia (totally contra-indicated)
  • Recent surgery (totally contra-indicated)
  • Wounds
  • Fractures (unconsolidated, less than 6 months)
  • Cancer (certain types and stages of..)
  • Infectious diseases, fever (totally contra-indicated)
  • Osteoporosis and other conditions of the bones and skeleton
  • Acute inflammatory conditions
  • Skin diseases – contagious (scabies,) and not (eczema)
  • Allergies
  • Pregnancy (especially less than 3 months, or “precious”)
  • Psychosis.. Impaired or troubled psychological functioning.. Clinical depression..
  • Trauma, PTSD
  • Intoxication with alcohol or other psychoactive substances (including legal highs) (totally contra-indicated)
  • Altered and/or extreme states of consciousness. (totally contra-indicated) 

Please inform me of any of these conditions prior to session, as much as possible. Make sure to mention allergies, if any, so as to avoid a possible reaction to essential oils. You should also mention if you are breastfeeding. If you receive a massage with essential oils, you should later avoid direct sunlight on the body parts that received massage to avoid possible photo-sensitive-reactions. Allergic types will receive massages in accord with their sensibilities, with suited or neutral base or no oils at all.

Cancer patients can receive certain types of comforting massages at certain stages of their treatments, with the approval of their doctor(s).

Pregnant women can receive massages after 3 months of pregnancy AND a favorable opinion of their doctor, which should be obtained prior to session. In massages for pregnant women no deep techniques nor essential oils will be used.

See also Protective health measures at the massage salon


Respect of the physical and psychological integrity of the person AND mine, equity, confidentiality, equanimity, professional clarity and integrity, neutrality towards the person’s other health-care professionals / treatments, no proselytism.

Strictly non sexual service.

Please note

It is your responsibility to mention important personal health facts and follow these recommendations. Please note that I might decide, in your own interest, mine, that of others or the practice, not to give you a massage at all if you show up with one of these conditions, or if you behave poorly. In some cases I might choose to refer you to other professional(s) better qualified to care for your specific needs. Similarly, if the ethical standards are not met, at any point of the encounter, I might decide to cancel the session and/or refuse to book you in the future.