With Hacking with Care, Emy created care-giving and well-being resources – zines, postcards, video-tutorial – to share with friends the goodness of movement and massages. These are available for free under a CC-BY-NC-SA License.

You can also ask for these massages in an individual session, or book a group workshop to be guided through their best moves.

The Handshake

The Handshake is an illustrated manual for the massage of the hand and forearm. Perfect to express solidarity, fortify your bones, and your friendships ! The manual available for download and zine printing in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

Girls Like Us made a brilliant photographic remix of the Handshake, published in #10 issue “Future”, available here. 

About the workshop that took place in Brussels, read here

The Monkey Mind Massage

A yummy head massage with no oils, perfect to calm the restless minds ! Designed and written by Emy for Hacking with Care it comes illustrated in a postcards set…!! To ask for the postcard set: contact@emy.care 

Warm up Stay strong routine: The Bootsequence

The Bootsequence Video Tutorial shows a sequence of simple soft movements for day-to-day self-care. To wake up, warm up, unlock, stretch, strengthen. Recommended in the morning, before physical activity (including long hours of computer work), or as an interlude, to restore some flow in the body after prolonged stillness.

Dedicated to Julian Assange, journalist founder of Wikileaks. At the time of shooting the video he was a political refugee inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, living in a situation similar to arbitrary detention (as ruled by a UN working group) that lasted more than 6 years. Julian Assange is now detained at Belmarsh prison in London, awaiting a trial for an extradition requested to the UK by the USA. In the USA, the journalist is charged with espionage offenses and risks 175 years in prison. To defend him go to Don’t extradite Assange website



All works under CC-BY-NC-SA license.