These massages were created by Gerda Boyesen as part of the biodynamic psychotherapy she developed. They are adapted here for well-being purposes.

Happy Skeleton Massage

Massage of the entire skeleton from the skull to the toes, in contact with the periosteum. This massage deposits the weight of the body, calms the mind, consolidates the body structure, calls up the vital energy lodged in the bones. It is preferably performed on the ground, on the skin, without oils. It is particularly recommended in case of fatigue, insecurity, hesitation, uprooting.

Massage of the “Underworlds”

In this massage I use a stethoscope to amplify the aquatic sounds of peristalsis, borborygmas that emerge from the body while the state of relaxation induced by the massage allows the “rest and digest” response to resume. This massage tunes into deep organic rhythms to bring about a deep and gentle relaxation. It helps regulate and compensate for the effects of stress. It is particularly indicated when you have had little or no respite from stress for a long time, when you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions or jammed by unresolved conflicts. It is best practiced on the ground, and without oils.

Perfect body

“You are perfect” is the intention channeled into this massage through welcoming, comforting and supporting gestures. When you need to remember – that is, to feel – that you are perfect at this moment as life made you. Massage on the floor, without oils.

Fragile public

The biodynamic touch and its massages are adapted to more vulnerable bodies and moments of life. They allow us to massage gently where classic techniques that are too “hard” can no longer be used or not at present. Biodynamic massages are ideal as auxiliary care during illness, convalescence, or after emotional shocks, for fragile constitutions, in support of other therapies or psychotherapies. Depending on the case and problematic, I will first check that you are effectively cared for by competent professionals (when possible I can help you find some), and that nothing opposes massage from a medical point of view.

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