(last updated May 2021)

What I do

At the massage salon, I take the following sanitary precautions, many of which were already part of the job:

  • I will cancel or reschedule your session if my health is not good
  • I will wait a couple of days before receiving clients after my convalescence, if necessary, or if I learn that I have been in contact with a contagious disease.
  • In times of epidemic, if relevant (respiratory vector disease) I wear a mask during the whole session, including during the massage.
  • I wash my hands of course, several times during the session
  • I am taking fewer sessions at the moment (covid epidemic), to space them out more, which allows me to ventilate the room well between two clients, to change the individual sheets, to disinfect surfaces … and to put myself back in a good mood for massage.
  • I don’t do house calls in Paris at the moment.
  • I don’t massage the face below the forehead at the moment
  • I suggest the persons who have been identified as being more vulnerable to COVID infection consider the risks they wish to take, or not to take, by coming to my salon for a massage at this time.
  • I will let you know if I become ill or contagious or if I learn that someone from the clientele has become ill close to your own session.

What I ask you as a wellness massage client

  • It will be necessary to wait or reschedule your session if you are ill (covid or other), if your physical or psychological condition does not currently allow you to receive massages: please consult the list of precautions and contraindications before booking.
  • Reschedule your session to at least one week later if you have symptoms identified as characteristic of covid (cough, loss of sense of smell…), or other contagious disease (e.g. flu, cold, scabies), even without fever, or If you have been in contact with someone who was ill with a contagious disease such as covid or other.
  • Notify me immediately if you become ill with a contagious disease in the days following your session, or if you learn that you have been in contact with a contagious disease.
  • I will invite you to carefully put away or throw away your street mask when you arrive and then to put on a new one (which I provide) for our session, to wash your hands well, etc. With some exceptions (discomfort, difficulty breathing, some specific type of bodywork… ), I will ask you to please keep the mask on during your massage, which I will also do.

These precautions taken together are a modest way to create a space of safety and trust and a serene balance of responsibility for everyone coming in and out of the salon. But the massage experience is also a welcome opportunity to let go, to let go of what restrains life, its movements. In life as in massage, let’s not forget that we can never, nor should we, control everything. That is okay.

Thank you for your understanding and your renewed trust.