What are the benefits and indications for massages ?

Through skillfully applied moves, a warm touch, relaxed breathing, massages provide a deep sense of safety, comfort body and soul, dissolve aches, ease and restore movement, calm the mind, enchant the spirit – ultimately re-uniting the sore self with the whole.

Through their action on the skin, fascia, and muscles, massages also communicate their effects to the great systems in the body (such as nervous, digestive, circulatory, immune, endocrine systems..)and so regulate and harmonize their functions.

Massages can no doubt be therefore instrumental in the preservation of health. However, Emy’s massages are non therapeutic,  which means their aim is not to cure you or rid you anything (rather to empower, accompany you and sustain your well-being). They are not suited for serious conditions physical or psychological, cannot be substitute for your treatments,  and may even be totally contra-indicated (see below).

Below is a list of common indications

They may pick you up when you experience :

  • Soreness, pain, in the muscles, tendons, joints (without incapacitation and in the absence of serious condition or fever)…
  • Emotional upsets, anger, sadness and grief…
  • Anxiety, angst, panic attacks,
  • Sleep disorders, insomnia, nightmares…
  • Resignation, boredom, dullness, lack of libido, lack of self-esteem….
  • Common benign or seasonal ailments (headaches, constipation, ..)…
  • Big changes in your personal and family life : Loss of someone dear, break ups. .Pregnancy, Birth.. New professional orientation..
  • Stress mitigation in Fertility treatments,
  • Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (with mood swings, sadness, bloating, tender breasts, digestive disorders,…)
  • Fatigue, physical and mental.  Stress. Prevention or recovery from Burnout  alongside medical and psychological care only (Burnout is a serious medical condition)
  • Trauma – not in the immediate after-shock and provided you are conjointly receiving the medical and/or psychological care you need
  • Chronic conditions -to improve quality of life during illness, heavy or long treatments , provided there are no  contra indications and doctors approval)
  • For your General well-being, greater physical and emotional resiliency, Prophylaxis.

When are massages not indicated ?

Please visit the Precautions and Deontology page !

Inform Emy about your health condition. In some cases there are still ways she can work with and around some conditions, choosing and adapting her techniques. If there are any doubts or discomforts she will not work, and in any case she will do her best to redirect you towards professionals with the competence you need.

How should I prepare for my massage session ?

Do not consume psycho-actives, alcohol, prior to your massage. Avoid big feasts before your massage, but if you do eat, make it a light meal. Please read the Precautions and Deontology. To make the most of your session, bring comfortable warm clothes you will enjoy putting back on after your massage, so you can continue to feel good in your own skin, and be protected from excess cold, humidity, heat / sunshine, which otherwise risk ruining the benefits of your session when you leave..

If the massage is taking place at your home, be sure that the room you have chosen is ready to work in when Emy arrives, according to indications given over the phone at the time of booking. Please lock the pets in another room for the time of the session !

What should I do after my massage ?

Ideally, what-ever you want, and only that : nothing, dance, have creative breakthroughs, or sleep 🙂 When possible, keep an agenda free of stress, annoyances, or burdensome tasks or irritating people for at least a couple of hours following your session. Drink lots of water, listen to your body and mind’s reactions to the massage, and read them as cues about how the rest of your day should go. Avoid showering right away (better before, thank you !) so you can benefit from the oils longer.

How often should I receive massages ?

Given there are no contra-indications, as often as you want ! A single massage can move you profoundly, bring about an epiphany, and last you very long – a lifetime why not ?! Generally speaking, massages are great companions of everyday life, they work best when integrated to your routine, like for example, the practice of sport. Daily, weekly, monthly or bi-monthly… Some people like a massage with the change of seasons, after a period of intense crazy work, after a sports session, and some like a massage when they feel their skin has become hungry for care. There are no rules ! Some life events or body-mind states do naturally call for greater frequency, in which case Emy will advise you.

I would like to get more massages but cannot afford them…

In case of limited resources feel free to bring the matter up with Emy. She generally offers an Open Price*  in some of the spaces where she works.

A nice option for more massages in your life is to Do It Yourselves ! Be on the lookout for massage workshops, where you and your friends can learn some simple but powerful basics ! You can also gather a group of friends and ask Emy for a workshop just for you.