What are the benefits of massages ?

Through a professional relationship based on trust, correct intentions, and well-applied techniques, these non-medical massages bring physical, emotional and existential well-being. Comfort, rest, renewed vitality, a more agile and comfortable body, freer movements, supple skin, a rejuvenated face, peace of mind, greater self-confidence, better singing, more creativity – and many other positive feelings, impossible to list them all!

Are there any contraindications to massage?

The benefits of massage are communicated via the skin and tissues (fascia, muscles, tendons) to the body’s major systems (respiratory, circulatory, nervous system, endocrine…) with which they come into contact, and whose harmonious functions they support. This is how they contribute to well-being, but it is also why they are contraindicated (totally or locally) or must be applied with care in the case of certain diseases.

For more information, read Precautions and Deontology.

Depending on the case, wellness massages can act as an accompaniment to medical or psychological therapies, subject to contraindications and with a favourable opinion from the health professional treating the person.

When can massages be good?

Massages can be good for you, for example in case of :

  • Soreness, stiffness, discomfort in the muscles, tendons, joints (without disability, injuries, inflammation or fever)…
  • Transient emotional disturbances, anxiety, anger, ruminations, sadness…
  • Anxiety, anguish, panic… (outside of a crisis or serious psychological disorder)
  • Bad sleep, mild insomnia, nightmares…
  • Apathy, boredom, lack of libido, lack of self-confidence
  • Mild and seasonal discomforts (occasional constipation, hay fever…)
  • Important changes in personal or family life: Births, bereavements, break-ups… Career reorientation…
  • Accompaniment of fertility treatments, especially in the context of stress and emotional management.
  • Premenstrual syndrome (with irritability, sadness, abdominal distension, digestive discomfort, breast tension, disturbed sleep…)
  • Fatigue, both physical and mental. Stress.
  • Burnout prevention and convalescence, along with appropriate medical and psychological care (Burnout is a serious medical condition).
  • Chronic illnesses, in the absence of medical contraindications, in wellness accompaniment to improve quality of life and support you during more serious treatments.
  • Solitude, situations of isolation
  • For general well-being, your physical and emotional resilience. Prophylaxis.

How should I prepare for my massage session ?

Do not consume psycho-actives, alcohol, prior to your massage. Avoid big feasts before your massage, but if you do eat, make it a light meal. Please read the Precautions and Deontology. To make the most of your session, bring comfortable warm clothes you will enjoy putting back on after your massage, so you can continue to feel good in your own skin, and be protected from excess cold, humidity, heat / sunshine, which otherwise risk ruining the benefits of your session when you leave..

If the massage is taking place at your home, be sure that the room you have chosen is ready to work in when Emy arrives, according to indications given over the phone at the time of booking. Please lock the pets in another room for the time of the session !

What should I do after my massage ?

Ideally, what-ever you want, and only that : nothing, dance, have creative breakthroughs, or sleep 🙂 When possible, keep an agenda free of stress, annoyances, or burdensome tasks or irritating people for at least a couple of hours following your session. Drink lots of water, listen to your body and mind’s reactions to the massage, and read them as cues about how the rest of your day should go. Avoid showering right away (better before, thank you !) so you can benefit from the oils longer.

How often should I receive massages ?

Given there are no contra-indications, as often as you want ! A single massage can move you deeply, give you an epiphany, and last you a lifetime. Generally speaking, massages are good life companions and give their best when they are integrated into a routine, as you would program your sports session, for example. Every day, once a week, once or twice a month… Some people love their massages at the change of seasons, others after an intense period of work, others again, in the moment, when they feel like a call from the skin to be pampered. Naturally, certain states of being or situations call for more frequent, closer sessions – in this case, I will advise you..

What precautions should we take during covid epidemic ?

See Protective health measures at the massage salon

I would like to get more massages but cannot afford them…

In case of limited resources feel free to bring the matter up with me. I can offer you an adapted rate.

To bring more massage into your life, why not learn some basic techniques ?! You can ask me for a workshop for you and your friends and family. See also the manuals I wrote.