A massage composed for you

My classical massage is a spirited, freestyle composition, combining techniques from the East and the West, modern body-mind work, and a touch of poetry.

The protocol is not fixed: your massage is created for you in the moment, according to your needs and tastes of the day. It includes an element of improvisation and is infused with inspirations and intuitions of the day. Each time different yet deep down always the same, this massage reconnects you and anchors you to yourself and your path in life.

A technical palette between variety and sobriety

Your massage can be performed with or without oils, on the skin, over a cloth or clothes. It is generally practiced on a massage table, but can also be adapted on a futon on the floor, on a bed, on a chair.

Palming, kneading, pressing, plucking, wrapping, rocking… Cat paws, elephant walks, percussion, stretches… Deep breathing, lifting, cocooning…

The different techniques enter the composition of your massage in different proportions, depending on the material used, the setting and wishes of the day. You always have the choice to stay dressed, to receive oils or not.

All oils are organic vegetable oils.

For who?

Personalized, my massages can be adapted to many constitutions (provided there are no medical contra-indications) and respond to a variety of preferences, physical and emotional needs. For an overview of the benefits, see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Conduct of a session

The sessions take place in private studio and at home in Paris (house calls currently unavailable)

They last 1 hour, except otherwise necessary or requested.

A session begins with a short conversation to make sure your health allows massage, and to explore your wishes for the day.

I will ask you some basic health questions to determine possible contraindications or precautions to take in your massage. It is important to let me know if there are any. For more information, please refer to the Precautions and Deontology page.

There is a little time at the end of the massage, during which you can quietly collect your impressions before getting up.

Information, booking :

Prices: Session from 60 euros / hour at my practice in town.

Write to contact@emy.care


In addition to the freestyle Personal Massages, I also offer a choice of specialties to meet specific needs or preferences. These are biodynamic Massages, Classical Chinese Medicine massages for well-being and Massages for specific needs.