Workshops are joyful yet deep, empowering moments where we learn, share resources and skills, relax and connect !

Emy’s workshops are often artistic, transversal, hybrid explorations involving massage but not only. They seek to encourage confidence in our capacity to give and receive goodness, as individuals and groups. Workshops mix knowledge, experience and passion, rely on group intelligence, and can be created for specific educational purposes, and respond to the singularities of a site and the people.

Durations are generally between 1h30 and 3h.

If you wish to book a workshop and/or invite Emy to create workshops with you/for you, you may write her :


The Stones That Teach Massage

A poetic initiation to touch and intention in massage. Emy guides the participants through anatomical discoveries and sensory experiences : Stones picked up from the country around us communicate important massage lessons…

The Body as a Landscape, massage as a promenade (2 parts)

In this favorite workshop Emy uses analogies with nature to share some fundamentals of massage. How to observe the landscape of the body, find your way, create paths, know when to pause at a remarkable point of view…Massage as a rejuvenating experience for everyone, similar to a nice hike !

This workshop is in two parts :  The Hills and Valley of the Back and The Abdomen and the Aquatic Worlds 

The Handshake

In information and communication technology, the “handshake” is the process by which two devices establish a connection before they start to communicate. Emy so named an illustrated manual for hands massage which she wrote with the collective Hacking with Care. The manual is available for printing and sharing freely as a zine ! In the workshop, Emy guides you through a selection of best moves from the manual. This handshake is perfect for fortifying your bones, your friendships, and expressing your solidarity !

Monkey Mind Massage

Emy shares easy head and face massage moves. Together in a sequence they make for a lovely treat she likes to call the Monkey Mind Massage, perfect to calm restless, hyperactive minds, and maybe… fall asleep Z Z Z Z. Emy and her friends from Hacking with Care created an illustrated manual for the MMM , available as a postcard set !

Observe – Hack – Massage

In this workshop, Hackers ethics, curiosity and ingenuity are applied to the learning and sharing of massages. How are you going to solve, and dissolve, that discomfort you’re feeling ? First you’ll have to observe… Then ? Piece of cake/care 🙂

Take-away massages !

Small massages for beach and picnic, using a few of these toys and accessories you carry in your basket !


Freedom to Breathe 

Introduction to breathing anatomy and how to make the most of the ultimate common resource for all… when so many constraints and restrictions apply… The name comes from a poem by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Hack Anxiety 

In this workshop Emily shares basic knowledge of the Autonomic Nervous System so as to better understand what goes on in stress, anxiety and panic. She then guides the participants through breathing exercises that can help operate a switch from the Flee or Fight response to the Rest and Digest response. Number of participants limited to 10 or less.

The Artist is Present

Small contemporary art lessons of presence for well-being practitioners, or anyone interested in the quality of their “being present”… The name of this workshop is borrowed from Marina Abramovic’s retrospective exhibition at the MOMA in 2010, and refers specifically to a performance where, sitting for hours on end, she welcomes  in a face to face with her a long queue of visitors who have come to greet her, one after the other. How to be fully present, importantly, how to refresh our presence from one person to the next as caregivers ? Contemporary artists have explored presence through performance, and Emily guides us through a selection of works that each have something to teach us.


All workshops CC-BY-NC-SA