Emy’s classic massage is a spirited, free combination of massage moves mixing western and eastern techniques and modern body-mind therapies, adapted for your well-being and responding to you in real time.

Your massage can be with or without oils, on your skin or over your clothes. It can be performed on a massage table, on a futon on the floor, on a bed or on a chair – according to contexts and wishes.

A massage is personalized and can respond to a variety of preferences, physical and emotional needs. Read the F.A.Q to find out more !

Emy also offers a choice of specialties – massage protocols designed to accommodate specific needs or wishes. She also regularly facilitates workshops. 

How are you ?

A session with Emy starts with a short conversation to explore your feels and needs of the hour. You can indicate your aches and pains if any, which aspects of your well-being your would like to focus on.  Emy can make suggestions and together you can decide what type of massage you’d like.

Emy will ask about your health and you should inform her of any physical or psychological conditions that might be unsuited for massage. Please read the Precautions & Deontology section prior to your session.

Setting and Techniques

Sensing, stroking, palming, kneading, pressing, plucking, wrapping, rocking… Cat paws, elephant walks, percussions, yoga-like stretches… Deep breathing, lifting, cocooning…

The various techniques enter the composition of massage in different proportions, depending on the equipment chosen, and of course your needs in the moment. Massages with oils are generally best given/received on a table, whilst stretches, Yoga-like massages are best given on a futon on the floor.

Emy usually works on the skin and over a beach pareo covering the stripped body, or over your clothes. There is always a choice to keep your clothes on, to receive oils or not. All oils are organic.

Closing of Session

At the end of your massage, there is a moment of integration during which you are left alone to recollect your sensations and thoughts, followed by a closing of the session with Emy.

Information, booking :

Sessions take place in a private practice, or at your home, in Paris, and, depending on the time of year, in Porto.

Sessions can last 40min, 1h, or 1h30 (duration is decided at the time of booking)

Write to contact@emy.care