Massage table set up at a photography studio

Emily offers on site wellness services for groups and companies: Individual massage sessions, well-being and team-building workshops.



Back massage performed on a table, over the clothes

Massages alleviate the aches and pains associated with repetitive movements, static postures, prolonged hours… They calm and clear the mind, help decision making and creativity. Their benefits extend to the group, where relationships are harmonized. They also help prevent or detect burnout and psychosocial risks.

Emily sets up a care corner in your offices according to your surroundings, your preferences, special needs of the employees if any, and the general spirit of the operation.

Massages can be received on a professional table, or on a futon on the floor, or sitting on a chair. In any case, the receiver always has a choice to keep their clothes on, to receive oils on the skin or not.

Emily’s massages combine traditional eastern and western techniques and modern body-mind therapies adapted for well-being.

In the workplace, sessions are generally shorter than in a private practice, between 40 and 20 min. They can focus on a sensitive area (neck and shoulders, hands..) or be global (effects, mind you, are always global). These preferences are discussed in the moment with the person, to best suit their needs. Alternatively, the time of the session can be used for a guided breathing exercise or meditation to calm down the stress response.

Please read and observe the Precautions and deontology !


The Handshake massage workshop

Workshops are playful, empowering moments of conviviality where we learn, share skills, relax and connect  ! They improve well-being and are a refreshing break from the usual routine. They are great for team building too !

Browse through the list of workshops and see which activity would appeal to your group. The Handshake workshop for example, is a great ice breaker, perfect to make new friends and fortify relationships (as well as bones, muscles and tendons!). In the Hack Anxiety workshop, participants explore ways of regulating their stress and anxiety through breathing : very important skills..!

Make a wish ! Don’t hesitate to share with Emily some aspects of care and well-being you’d like to explore as a group, she will happily design a workshop especially for/with you.

Towards a culture of care

The magic of having a caregiver visit at the workplace goes beyond stress mitigation and repetitive strain injury relief for the sole purpose of productivity… What lives do we want for ourselves ? What defines us ?

There are no hierarchies when it comes to massage: every one receives kindness, attention, fairness. Despite massages being a private experience in the moment, they later connect everyone in the office in a unique way. There is always a special glow and vibration in the office after everyone has had their session.

Bringing massage in the office also facilitates access to care for individuals who generally are less inclined to seek such services for themselves : persons with lower incomes, less able bodies, employees close to exhaustion (who are often in denial), men…


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