Besides the custom compositions of your Personal Massages, Emy offers a choice of specific protocols : Biodynamic Massages, and Eastern Rituals. 

Biodynamic Massages

Biodynamic massages were developed by Gerda Boyesen within the frame of her body-mind therapy. They are here adapted for well-being purposes.

Massage of the Happy Skeleton

A Biodynamic massage of the skeletal system. It follows the solid bone structure with great care, restoring the frame, calling core energies to the surface. It is done on the skin, without oils. It is especially nice when you are tired, and/or feel insecure or drifting, as it will quietly but surely invigorate you, anchor and consolidate your sense of self.

Massage of the “Lost Worlds”

Biodynamic well-being massage in which Emy uses a stethoscope to amplify the aquatic sounds of the peristalsis, rumbling noises which surface as the state of relaxation induced by the massage allows for assimilation processes to resume in the body. This deeply relaxing massage, helps regulate the emotions, dissolves stress softly. It is nice when you’ve had “a lot on your plate”, a lot to process but little if no time and safety to do so.

Perfect Body

“You are perfect”, is the intention and feeling channeled in this massage through a sequence of very comforting, minimal moves, and sense of being held and cared for. Body and mind are welcomed and unified in the here and now. Whenever you need to be reminded (as in feel) that you are perfect like life made you.

Eastern Rituals

Head and Face Massage of Japanese descent

Head and face massage with organic rose oils, fluttering butterfly-like strokes and rejuvenating digital pressures on selected points. The effect is global, deep waves of relaxation wash your stress away from your head down to your toes. Prepare to look and feel younger, truer : this massage as anti-aging benefits, especially when received regularly.


TUI-NA Chinese well-being massage

Local or whole body massage with little oil, using Chinese techniques such as pressing, rolling, kneading.. It is adapted to your constitution, your needs of the moment, the requirements of the season, working along energy meridians and on pressure points to support flow, movement and quietude, balance, harmony – in body, mind, and spirit. Contrary to stereotypes, Tui-na massage can also be very gentle and nourishing, suited to a diversity of people and needs.

Please note : Tui-na massage is originally part of a comprehensive and complex system of traditional medicine which i do not, indeed, master. Understand the Tui-na massage performed here, although likely good for your health, is for well-being only, outside of pathologies. It has no therapeutic aim, expect or ask for no diagnosis. Thank you.