Besides the custom compositions of your Personal Massages, Emy proposes a choice of specialities:  Protocols (some of her own creation) designed to accommodate specific needs or wishes. These are Biodynamic Massages, Eastern Rituals, DIY Massages with Illustrated manuals, Four Hands Creations.


Biodynamic massages are specific tools developed within the frame of Gerda Boyesen body-mind therapy, which are here adapted for well-being purposes.

Massage of the Skeleton,  a Biodynamic massage of the skeletal system. It follows the solid bone structure with great care, restoring the frame, calling core energies to the surface. It is done on the skin, without oils. It is especially nice when you are tired, and/or feel unsure or drifting, as it will quietly but surely invigorate you, anchor and consolidate your sense of self.

Massage of the Lost Worlds, is an expression Emy uses to identify Biodynamic well-being massages in which she uses a stethoscope to amplify -both for your ears and hers- the aquatic sounds of the peristalsis, surfacing as the state of relaxation induced by the massage reactivates assimilation processes in the body. It helps regulate the emotions, and is nice when you’ve had a lot to process lately, but little safe space and time to do so.

Your are perfect, is the intention and feeling channeled in this massage through a set of very comforting, minimal moves, and a strong sense of holding. The whole body and mind, welcomed in the here and now. Whenever you need to be reminded (as in feel) you are perfect like life made you.


Head and Face Massage of Japanese descent, with rose oils, fluttering butterfly-like strokes and rejuvenating digital pressures on selected points. The effect is global, deep waves of relaxation wash your stress away from your head down to your toes. Prepare to look and feel younger, truer : this massage as anti-aging benefits, especially when received regularly.


Chinese Massage TUINA


The Handshake : This massage of the hand and forearm comes with an illustrated manual for you to learn its best moves, and share with your friends ! Perfect to fortify your bones, and your friendships ! Written by Emy for Hacking with Care, available for download and zine printing here. The picture below is a photographic version of the Handshake by Katja Mater for the magazine Girls Like Us, which published excerpts of the manual in their #10 issue

The Monkey Mind Massage : Is a quick head massage with no oils, perfect to calm the most restless minds ! Designed and written by Emy for Hacking with Care it comes illustrated in a postcards set…!!


Vivo, which could translate as (A)live, is a four hands musical and massage piece that Emy and harpist Angelica Salvi compose and play together in individual sessions. Deeply enchanting, synesthetic chamber music for one listener/ receiver ! (VIVO is currently available in Portugal only).

Octopus, is an original 4 hands and 4 feet massage created by Emy and her friend and massage therapist Juliette Tissier in Paris. It involves a combination of thaï techniques, biodynamic touch, gentle rocking, wavey moves and floating lifts for a thalassal, regressive, regenerative effect. (Currently not available)